Weclome to a World Where Evil Never Sleeps

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Did you know you can get a cold AND flu at the same time???

Neither did I. Bad enough I have to dodge all those fangs, but I've been down and out the last seven days with a double whammy. Ugh! BUT... with all this thinking time, I've come up with a new bumpersticker for all my GOOD vampire friends.

"Good people suck, bad people spit" You think it'ss catch on? Or is my brain still fried from the germs?


Eliza March said...

Don't invest money on the motto. Sorry you've been sick. I know which little vamphunter gave it to you.

Hope you feel better soon ~~ Eliza

Julianna Sage said...

Thanks, Eliza. Finally I can sit up for more than an hour. I figured the motto was too "out there"

Lellka said...

Who is it on top (the long-haired man)? plz.